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SPN: The Every-Fic Meme!

Where every fic means EVERY fic.

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A prompt-and-fill meme for all kinds of Supernatural fanfic.
Welcome to the SPN Every-Fic Meme! Come on in, I'll try to make this quick so you can get started. :D If you're familiar with spnkink_meme , then you're already set! We're nearly the same thing, except we're all-inclusive (we allow non-kink prompt/fills as well). If not, read on:

spneveryficmeme is a prompt-and-fill comm for every type of Supernatural and CWRPF fan-created media. You do not have to join to participate (in fact, you can't!). You can prompt, fill, both, or neither (lurkers and commenters-only are welcome). You can remain anonymous, sign in with a sock, or simply use your real LJ. Each Thursday I'll be updating with the filled prompts. There will be an occassional comment-fic meme based around a particular subject to (hopefully!) keep interest alive.

To prompt:

  • Find the post your prompt fits under. If you want Supernatural fanfiction, go to the SPN Request Post. If you want CWRPF, go to the CWRPF Request Post. If you'd like art, wallpapers, icons, podfic, videos, or anything else that isn't fanfic, go to the Other Media Request Post. If you have a prompt that's been posted before on another comm or on this comm, go to The Repost (for Supernatual and CWRPF).

  • Make your request! Preface your subject with "REQUEST:" and then list the characters and plot devices you'd like used in your story. For example: "REQUEST: Sam/Dean or gen, crack". Then in the actual post you can give us the details, such as "I'd really like to see what would have happened after Hell House if the boys hadn't called an end to their prank war!" You can be as detailed or as vague with the prompt as you wish.

  • Wait for someone to grant your request. Just bear in mind that not all requests get filled quickly and many don't get filled at all. For that, there's The Repost.

  • COMMENT! If someone takes the time out of their day to fill your request, then please have the respect to at least take the few seconds it takes to thank them for their effort, even if you don't like what they came out with. That's just plain common courtesy!

To fill:

  • Find a prompt that strikes your fancy. If you're looking to write Supernatural fanfiction, go to the SPN Request Post. If you want to write CWRPF, go to the CWRPF Request Post. If you'd like a prompt for art, wallpapers, icons, podfic, videos, or anything else that isn't fanfic, go to the Other Media Request Post. If you're feeling especially generous and would like to fill a lonely, forgotten prompt, check out The Repost (for Supernatual and CWRPF).

  • Once you've got your prompt, run with it! You can do as much or as little as you like. There is no minimum or maximum wordcount. Partial fills are still good; multiple fills are great! Same goes for media that isn't fanfic. On this comm, a little is better than nothing and there's no such thing as too much.

  • Reply to the comment with the prompt. Replace "REQUEST:" with "FILLED:" so the mods get the heads-up. Add a title to your work if applicable and remember to add warnings! Then just post whatever content it is that you've created. You can put it in the comment, link to your journal, or link to an outside site.

  • Give yourself a pat on the back for being completely awesome. Sit back and wait for your fill to be archived at our delicious account and then posted again on the Thursday newspost.

What's allowed:

Every fic means every fic. So as far as subject matter, anything! Partial fills, multiple fills, works that were inspired by a prompt but don't quite fit, fills in a media different from the one requested. Porn, kinky porn, cuddle porn, not porn, gen, shippy stuff, friend!shippy stuff. Het, slash, femslash, threesomes, moresomes, works about that one character that everybody hates or that nobody even talks about, oneshots, longfic, casefic, AU fic, crossover fic, weird fic, cliche fic, even badfic! Whatever. It's all allowed.


Any posts that break these three rules will be deleted without warning, so please read carefully!

Underage pornography. This is the biggie, and I cannot stress this enough! It's not a personal choice so much as a law-abiding one. Honestly I couldn't care less what kind of porn people are into; to each their own, whatever floats your boat, etc. But underage material is illegal in many countries, including the one I live in, and I don't want anyone to have to worry about accidentally viewing illegal material. Underage means anyone under eighteen in any sexual situation, whether it's consensual or not, no matter what form of media. I'm sorry, but we just can't take it.

That being said! If you have underage requests, I highly recommend you take them to spnkink_meme . We based our comm off of theirs; they're a good, open-minded bunch. They can take your requests; in fact, they have a specific post just for that type of stuff to avoid the legality issue.

Underaged material can be dealt with sensitively. 17yo Sam and 21yo Dean in a nonsexual relationship (or with the sex happening offscreen), a brief mention but no real detailed account of childhood/teenhood experiences, or a childhood trauma being explored and overcome, things of that nature. If you think your prompt or fill might fall under that category, by all means please do PM a mod and ask! If you'd like to remain anonymous, then drop us a line at the Mod Post. Nothing to lose by checking, eh?

Improperly labeled posts. And that goes double for NSFW material. Since we're such an all-inclusive comm, there's going to be a lot of stuff there that doesn't please everyone. In light of that, you need to warn for violence, sexual situations, noncon, possible triggery material, and spoilers for the most recently aired episode and all future episodes. You'll also need to tell us what pairings/characters/etc are in your story (don't spring Wincest on someone who expected a Dean/Cas story, for example; incest might be a squick).

General rudeness. Since every fic means every fic, no character bashing, no ship bashing/ship wars, no kink shaming, no hateful comments etc (though concrit is encouraged). Not very hard to understand. We're all here because we love Supernatural so all you have to do to follow this rule is play nice and keep an open mind. <3

Special links:

  • Mod Post - Any suggestions, questions, concerns, or complaints can be made here. Very useful if you'd like to ask a question anonymously!

  • The Repost - For old prompts that have been posted before and haven't any love. ALL reposted prompts must go here! If you're reposting a prompt that you left to this comm, please wait at least two weeks before putting it here. Remember to link to the original prompt if you can so the original prompters can be notified of any fills!

  • Fic-for-Fic! - This hasn't really taken off yet, but the basic idea is that if you fill a fic, you should get to request a prompt. Check the post for details.

  • Affiliate Post - Our lovely affiliates. Drop us a line if you'd like to become one!

Finally: We are looking for someone to help us maybe make a layout and some nice banners or icons as currently we don't have much in the way of pretty things and we'd like to pruce up a bit. If you are interested, PM semperama or thegeminisage , or drop us a line at the Mod Post. Thank you! <3

If you'd like to pimp us anywhere, please do! We are a new little baby comm and we could use all the help we can get. semperama made this temp banner for us until we get soemthing better established. Just copy the code and pimp away!

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